Welcome to the ballet class!




Useful Information

          1. How In Balllet Class tuittions runs:

  • in groups or individual ( after personal interview classes are tailored to your needs)
  • class duration 60min
  • persons interested are welcome to join anytime during the year

          2. Course prise

  • group class per lesson / 10 eur
  • individual class / upon agreement
  •  bank account no: SK3502000000003686951954
  • reimbursement of invoice in time enables us to secure the premises

         3. How to dress up for classes?

  • close- fitting elastic oufit highly recommended for free and comfortable movement ( for example leggins, top, T-shirt)
  • other options : leotard, tights, ballet skirt
  • preferred footwear : ballet shoes

         4. Declaration on oath

  • Hereby I declare that I was informed about the rights and obligations of the course participant, operational, security and hygienic rules of course organiser.
  • I also declare I am not aware of any health obstacles preventing me from participanting in the the course.

For parents

          1. the courses run throughout the school year starting                        Oktober til June excluding school holiday

         2. class duration - 60 min

         3. lessons start on time therefore we recommend to arrive                10-15 min in advance

         4. teacher is responsible for the children during the class in                class room, outside of classroom the parent takes the                    responsibility for their children

         5. children enter the class room in requested dress tailored              for them based on order

  • Girls - leotard,tights, ballet shoes, skirt
  • Boys - tight - fitting t-shirt, leggins for boys, ballet shoes
  • (dress is not included in course price)

         6. Children are obliged to respect the rules and teacher´s                  instrutctions

          7. Upon application of child for the course the parent                        declares she/he

  • Is not aware of any obstacles preventing the child attendig the ballet classes.

          8. I agree/ I disagree ( circle one ontion) with taking photos               and video recording my son - daugher for propotional                   purposes of In Ballet class studio. Your decision will be                   respected.

          9. I declare I was informed about the right and obligations                 of course participant, operational, security and hygienic                 of course organiser.

         10. Group class per lesson / 10 eur

  • bank account no: SK3502000000003686951954
  • Before the course parent signs a dokument that she/ he was informed about terms and conditions of study
  • Children accepted throughout the school year