Welcome to the ballet class


2. Ballet class - for everyone

ballet classes are for everyone who wants to fulfil their childhood dream and experience ballet art.

focus: correct body posture, coordination, graceful arm movements, gaining muscles strength and elasticity, learning basic alphabet of classical ballet

1. Ballet class - for children

Classes - dance movement preparation, ballet gymnastic, rhythmics.

Aim - correct body posture, helps to develop sense for music and a rhythm

Children are joined in groups determined by age

Group 1: Butterflies

Age: 3-4 years

Frequency: 1 / week

Focus: through games and fairytales we draw children in to the dance world

Group 2: Snowflakes

Age: 5-7 years

Frequency: x1 / week

Focus: make children familiar with the basics of ballet gymnastic and rhythmics, dance, play and learn to sense and listen to the music

Group 3: Fairies

Age: 7-10 years

Frequency: x1 / week

Focus: children perfect ballet gymnastic and gradually learn basic ballet movements and dance accompanied by beautiful music

Children of age 12 may continue studying ballet professionally in some of the schools in Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary or Austria should they wish to proceed into professional dance world.

For those for whom ballet and dance becomes a loving interest or it is a great part of their sport activities we have prepared further courses

3. Ballet class - for professionals

(Classical ballet classes for graduates of art schools)

A. Classical dance Basic

lessons for those returning to ballet after longer break includes: ballet gymnastic, exercice a la barre, exercice au milieu, adagio, allegro, port des bras

 B. Classical dance Professional

classes modelled as theatre training for active dancers and or sportsmen who need classical dance technique to improve their performance